Once you have operated the New Still RX20 Forklift Truck you will be in LOVE!

Love Still RX20-20

Contact us for a Free Of Charge Demo of the New Still RX20 Forklift Truck and let your buisiness operations fall in Love with Forklift Trucks again xxx


Here at Forklift Solutions Ltd we have in stock and available for hire the widest range of forklift trucks in the North East of England from 1 ton capacity to 18 ton capacity and with some notice up to 32 ton capacity!


Every Hired Forklift Truck is supplied with a Thorough Examination Certificate and includes all servicing, breakdowns and repairs (unless damaged either wilfully or accidentally).

Let us know your requirements and we will offer you a hire solution for your business, whichever is required short term or long term is available.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry.