New Svetruck 32120 added to the Rental Fleet

Brand New Svetruck 32120 has been added to our Rental Fleet for our valued customer Metinvest.

The Svetruck 32120 is a 32ton capacity at 1200mm load centres and is fitted with heavy duty mast, foundry specification hoses, foam filled tyres, hydraulic fork positioner and sideshift, air conditioning, heater & demisters, radio and fully sprung operator seat & cabin to give the most comfortable conditions for each operator during their 8 hour shifts.

The Svetruck 32120 is a bespoke build to suit the site and conditions at this foundry and will be an addition to the other two Svetruck 16120 Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks on site since early 2019.

If your interested in learning more about the quality, reliability and comfort of the Svetruck Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks then please call (0191) 4611587