Forklift Pre-Shift Check’s made easier by Still

Available now in the Still Electric Range of Forklift Trucks is the built-in Operator Pre-Shift Checklist System, which will stop the paper trail of Operator Forms & Archive for all customers and significantly save time for your operators to carry out these checks.

The questions can be tailored to each truck or site and the Still Forklift can be put into reduced performance if checklist was failed by the operator or there is a minor fault only with the truck.

This system can be part of the Forklift Fleet Management Software also and with future utilisation and increase operational performance.

Give Forklift Solutions Ltd a call and see if we can help with your operations and save both time & money with your Forklift Truck’s.

Free Jagermeister with your perfect match -Still & Forklift Solutions Ltd

Here at Forklift Solutions Ltd and Still, we like to celebrate doing good business with other premium brands also and it is usually with a few Jager Bombs at the end of the night (responsible drinking at all times!).

Well Jagermeister in Germany feel the same way about Still and how can you not blame them in the following video.

So we at Forklift Solutions Ltd have decided to include a bottle of the famous Jagermeister with every New Still Electric Powered Product purchased or Contracted Hired over 3 to 5 years, as a little celebration of good business together.

Call (0191) 4611587 for which Still Product is the best solution to your requirement and have a little drink on us at the same time.