STILL wins this year’s International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year Award for the AGV & Intralogistics Robot category. The winning truck was the STILL LTX 50 electric towing tractor combined with LiftRunner® frames with an automatic loading/unloading function. More than 600 guests attended the evening, with a total of 15 products and solutions vying for the top spot. The products were nominated by a select jury panel for this year’s award. All the machines nominated for the award were put through a range of tests, the results of which were then assessed by the jury based on the awards criteria. The winners of each award were not announced until the night, receiving the awards as a surprise.

This is another fantastic example of STILL’s position as a leader in the intralogistics supplier industry. Winning one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, after a continuous run of award conquests reinstates the STILL reputation and is available from Forklift Solutions – why not give us a call and see the benefit’s to your business using Automated AGV Still Products from a local family owned business with a “can-do” attitude and first class after sales service!


IFOY 2019 winner


A New Fleet of 12 x Still RX20-18 3 Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks delivered to a valued customer with 2 x Spare Batteries per truck and a New Battery Changing Area Installed and fitted to give our customer the maximum uptime on both the Forklift Truck and its Batteries. The CAPS Battery System tells the operators which batteries are charged and which ones to swap for each truck, so no damage can be done by swapping “part charged batteries” any more – could Forklift Solutions Ltd help with your Electric Forklift Truck Fleet and Battery Changing to maximise your operations? – give us a call for a Free of Charge No Obligation Survey and Proposal.



This modern and technology advanced Battery Changing Area has been installed into one of our valued customers. Their fleet of 12 x New Still RX20-18 Electric Forklift Trucks has 2 x spare batteries each for around the clock operations and their previous fleet from another supplier had some serious downtime issues with battery performance and changing. With the help of our partners at CAPS, this system tells the operators which battery is ready and fully charged for swapping and if they swap the wrong battery an alarm sounds and screen tells them again to swap the correct battery- resulting in optimum performance of each battery and truck – Could your business benefit from maximum uptime on your Electric Forklift Truck Fleet? Give us a ring for a Free No Obligation survey and advice from Forklift Solutions Ltd.

Unipres Battery Change Facility