Still Supply the Largest Fuel Cell Truck Fleet in Europe

Award winning manufacturer Still has recently supplied the Largest Fleet of Trucks in Europe to Carrefour in France.

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The 10th International ForkTruck Of the Year Award for Still

Our Manufacturer Partner Still have won The International Forktruck Of the Year Award in 2021 for the 10th time in 10 years, underlining their commitment to manufacture innovative, quality and Industry leading performance parameters for you the customer.

This award was for the implementation of the New Production Warehouse below;

Numerous IFOY awards in the past are proof that STILL offers particularly efficient and robust industrial trucks and intralogistics solutions. This year, the Hamburg-based manufacturer once again impressed as a system provider in the international competition. For the implementation of the new production warehouse of Danfoss Power Electronics in Tinglev, Denmark, the logistics provider received the coveted IFOY award in the category “Integrated Warehouse Solution” during today’s award ceremony in Dortmund. This is the tenth time that STILL has won the title in different categories.

“The Danfoss project is an impressive example of how automated warehouses will be controlled, monitored and analysed in the future,” was the unanimous verdict of the international jury of experts. The implemented overall system contains known logistical components that are particularly forward-looking in their interaction – i.e., communication via interfaces for safety, function and optimisation using deep learning methods. The functionality of the real automated warehouse seems “exemplary” according to the jury’s verdict.

Still Launch New Charger Box for Electric’s

Still have launched a New Charger Box option for all Electric Powered Equipment, this has potential huge cost savings for our customers.

Protection against damage: The solid frame prevents damage to the housing through incorrect securing of loads or excessive lashing down

Cable box: The large charger cable box provides optimal protection for the cables and charging plugs

Safe operation: The charger can be operated in the charger frame. As a result, the charger can be used immediately after delivery to the customer (which is not possible when it is delivered on a wooden pallet)

Stackable: The charger frame is stackable, which also allows space-saving use as a compact charging station

Fixed, secure assembly: The charger is securely fixed to the frame

Long service life: Disassembly is possible at a later stage and ensures long-term usability of the STILL charger frame even beyond the service life of the charger

Transport fixture: The charger frame large also has a transport fixture which allows the frame to be picked up directly with the fork carriage, making it possible to transport it using trucks with or without forks

Now that’s thinking “Outside the Box” to help potentially save our customers money – available from your Exclusive Still Distributor, Forklift Solutions Ltd (0191) 4611587