Still Launch New Charger Box for Electric’s

Still have launched a New Charger Box option for all Electric Powered Equipment, this has potential huge cost savings for our customers.

Protection against damage: The solid frame prevents damage to the housing through incorrect securing of loads or excessive lashing down

Cable box: The large charger cable box provides optimal protection for the cables and charging plugs

Safe operation: The charger can be operated in the charger frame. As a result, the charger can be used immediately after delivery to the customer (which is not possible when it is delivered on a wooden pallet)

Stackable: The charger frame is stackable, which also allows space-saving use as a compact charging station

Fixed, secure assembly: The charger is securely fixed to the frame

Long service life: Disassembly is possible at a later stage and ensures long-term usability of the STILL charger frame even beyond the service life of the charger

Transport fixture: The charger frame large also has a transport fixture which allows the frame to be picked up directly with the fork carriage, making it possible to transport it using trucks with or without forks

Now that’s thinking “Outside the Box” to help potentially save our customers money – available from your Exclusive Still Distributor, Forklift Solutions Ltd (0191) 4611587

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